Clement McAleer

Dungannon-born artist known for his abstract landscape painting

Born in 1949 in Dungannon, Clement McAleer is well-known for his abstract landscape painting. He studied at the University of Ulster College of Art and Design (1971-72), Canterbury College of Art (1972-75) and the Royal College of Art, London (1975-78).

In 1978, when a student, he won a prize in the John Moores Liverpool Exhibition. He has a studio in the Bluecoat Chambers in Liverpool. McAleer has had regular solo shows at the Fenderesky Gallery in Belfast and the Kerlin Gallery, Dublin.

In his work, McAleer marks, plots, surveys landscape like an engineer, seeking out structure, grids and compositional benchmarks. His sense of space transcends a specific sense of place. Born in lush Co. Tyrone and naturally disposed to and aware of the tradition of landscape painting, the artist’s horizons stretch much wider. 

McAleer shares nevertheless, with other Northern Irish landscape painters a poetic vision, if less traditionally lyrical in approach and concerns. Basil Blackshaw is close fellow traveller, the common link being Cézanne and a quest for structure in nature.