Cultivating Creativity: The Big Catch, Kilkeel

Created a site-specific artwork of 1035 individual relief ceramic tiles

Once the Mourne Youth Community Association and the Kilkeel Development Association, Co Down, were paired with ceramic artist Eleanor Wheeler, the groups set about determining the nature of their Cultivating Creativity project. From initial discussions, the common denominator was fish and fishing.

With a new development at Kilkeel harbour, space was found adjacent to the Nautilus Centre to create a site-specific shoal of fish entitled The Big Catch. The new artwork would become a focal point in Kilkeel: one that would be visited for years to come. Considered to be a piece of history in the making, the project generated a sense of pride, ownership and participation within the community.

Indeed, ‘The Big Catch’ was made up of 1035 individual relief ceramic tiles designed and made by individuals within 31 community groups and organisations, schools, nursing homes, statutory bodies and businesses.

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