Deirdre Robb

Installationist, sculptor and founder member of the Creative Exchange

Deirdre Robb was born in Belfast where she still lives and works as the arts development officer for Belfast City Council. She studied at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown, gaining a masters and bachelor of arts with honours.

Robb is an installationist and sculptor and has exhibited throughout Ireland, Britain, Europe and the United States. Her work is in a number of public and private collections and has been commissioned for public art sculptures in community and integrated art projects. Alongside her own artwork, Robb curates exhibitions and coordinates projects and exchange programmes at a local and international level.

She is a founder member of Creative Exchange, acting as chairperson until 2004, and was instrumental in the development of the Northern Ireland Visual Arts Forum. She is a former director of the East Belfast Artist Collective, which runs the Engine Room Gallery where she is also a member.

Deirdre Robb has been the recipient of many awards including a Millennium fellowship, Arts and Humanities scholarships, the Tyrone Guthrie Bursary, and Arts Council of Northern Ireland awards. In May 2005 Robb will embark upon an arts residency in Kentucky, USA, where she will participate in a major women’s project in association with the University of Louisville and University of Ulster.

Robb’s recent work can be seen in The Other Place—The Transitional Space of Memory and Identity, an exhibition in association with the Creative Exchange and Greengrass Bluegrass Newgrass project, on display at Queen’s University, Belfast, from November 4, 2004.

Reproduced with kind permission of the Creative Exchange 2004