Fergus Delargy

Belfast-born artist whose work explores power, liberty and suffering

Fergus Delargy was born in Belfast in 1958 and studied art at the University of Ulster. His work is about power, liberty and suffering, and those who decide and pontificate, those who are victims.

The artist has said: 'Emotion is a thing which is very powerful and not very logical. It can't be graded, it's a genuine thing. I work best when I'm responding to something, when I'm inspired by the dilemma I'm in, as a person living in this society. I see myself having a duty as a practising artist here to contribute something, to carry on a tradition. I'm not going to pretend that it can change anything. All I'm doing is responding whatever way I can to the situation I live in.'

The effects are examined in high-tension relationships between figures and displaced spaces. His work is often set within anonymous, bland interiors or in featureless landscapes.

Fergus Delargy has exhibited in Belfast, Dublin, New York and Mexico City.