How We Built Temple

Watch video as artist David Best and a network of volunteers working from the Nerve Centre's FabLab construct the monumental wooden structure that will tower over Derry from March 14-21

'It has to be so beautiful that you give up the thing that has been troubling you your whole life.' David Best is an artist driven by the notion of bringing hope to the world, and his newest project, Temple, will present an opportunity for the people of Northern Ireland to 'leave the past behind, celebrate your passions and look to the future'.

Created in conjunction with Artichoke, the creative company that facilitates public art works, Temple is a huge wooden sculpture made from a timber frame clad with intricately crafted panels, many of which are being created by volunteer artists in the Nerve Centre's FabLab.

The art work will be erected in Corrody Road Country Park – known locally as 'Kelly's Field' – just off Bards Hill, Top of the Hill, Derry, and will be open to the public from March 14-20. On Saturday, March 21 it will be ceremonially burnt to the ground.

Best made his name as a visionary artist whose similarly-constructed sculptures at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada have attracted thousands of visitors over the years. He encourages members of the public to bring messages, photographs or mementos to Temple during visits to the site, to enjoy a moment of reflection in the space before it is set alight.

'Derry is one of the centres of the Troubles,' notes Best in the video above. 'So there are people who have been on both sides of the struggle, people who have been harmed by someone and people who have harmed someone, and this is an opportunity for those people to put that [history] in a temple that is based on forgiveness.'

Temple is the result of over two years of hard work and dedication from many people across the city and beyond. With a lengthy build process, when completed it will soar high above Derry. 

Temple will be open to the public from March 14-20, but will be closed on Saturday, March 21 in order for preparations for the burn to be completed. The burn will be a ticketed event, with tickets available now via the Millennium Forum website.