Ian Fleming

Specialises in the mediums of print, television, animation, multimedia and new media

After graduating from the University of Ulster in 1985 with a degree in graphic design, Ian Fleming worked within the print, television, animation, multimedia and web arenas.

He is currently an associate lecturer in e-media and a visiting lecturer in interactive multimedia design at the University of Ulster. In conjunction with his fine art practice, he also undertakes workshops, design commissions, and project management activities.

This extensive involvement in the creative industries has ensured the development of Fleming’s strong international reputation as a contemporary visual artist. His work has been critically well received both nationally and internationally, and he is represented within public, private and corporate collections mainly within Europe, Asia and America .

As a founder member of Creative Exchange , Four Fields of Reference and the Greengrass Bluegrass Newgrass project in Northern Ireland, Ian Fleming undertakes arts development work that encourages expansion of collaborative and exchange programmes. He is also an artist member of the Seacourt Print Workshop. 

Text reproduced with kind permission of the Creative Exchange