Late Night Art - April 1

A selection of public galleries in Belfast open late on the first Thursday of every month with exciting exhibitions, artist talks and more.

Collected Readings/Bad Faith/The Darkest Place is Under The Light, Golden Thread Gallery, until May 8 and May 23. An exhibition of works selected from the British Council Collection that sets out to explore aspects of word in display. The exhibition consists of works featuring text as an integral element of the image by eleven celebrated artists: Fiona Banner, Ian Breakwell, Victor Burgin, Jimmie Durham, Tracey Emin, Hamish Fulton, Richard Hamilton, Matthew Higgs, Richard Long, Hilary Lloyd, Donald Urquhart; spanning five decades.

Emma Donaldson: Light Project Prototype III, Queen Street Studios, until May 16. The Light Project evolved from the artist’s interests in her experience of ‘environment’, that is where she lived, where she worked, where she socialised, where she walked etc. She considers that our daily lives in environments such as these are managed by invisible yet powerful systems that govern our behaviour. For example we these days would find it very difficult to get by without the electrical systems that control everything from our alarm clock to our banking. But we have little or no control of these systems which are often owned by government, conglomerate or other private enterprise.

Polska Folk, PS2, until May 20. Updating cultural Polish folk art with contemporary design. 
This exhibition features work by Polish designers inspired by Polish folk art and crafts – form, materials, technical solutions and folk poetics. The exhibition was on display in London during the London Design Festival in the autumn of 2009 and is curated by Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka. Part of IV Polish Cultural Week

Playgrounds/Photo Exhibition, Belfast Exposed, until May 20. Photographers capture how young people interact with their built environment. In the context of Belfast Exposed’s ongoing examination of the city, through gallery and archive projects which explore social and political currents in ‘post conflict’ Belfast, we are pleased to present Playgrounds an exhibition of work by photographers CJ Clarke (UK) and Harri Palviranta (Finland).

Susan Hughes, Gerard Dillon Gallery, until May 21. Art inspired by fiddling trips around rural Ireland. Susan Hughes is now working in Fermanagh and her recent work comprises paintings of objects found on fiddle-playing trips to rural Ireland which provoke a sense of nostalgia and memories of the culture and land.

Conor McFeely: Inside His Master's Voice, Ormeau Baths Gallery, until May 22. A solo exhibition by pioneering and influential artist Conor McFeely. This exhibition creates an open and fascinating dialogue between past and present, hinting at a multitude of implications and associated meanings.

jUSt for US/Between Form and Space, SpaceCRAFT, until May 29. An exhibition designed in response to to the exhibition space. Between Form and Space is an exhibition of work by Claire Muckian and Evelina Wojtowicz, Visual Artists who work with ceramics and other media. Their practice falls within the context of ceramic sculpture. For this exhibition Claire and Evelina will work with a wide range of media including ceramics, glass, metal, drawings, print-work and textiles. They will engage with and respond to the various media used and with the exhibition space resulting in an experimental, fascinating and cohesive body of work.

Prospectus, Belfast Print Workshop, until May 29. The cutting edge of printmakers from Canada to Belfast. Belfast Print Workshop are proud to announce this remarkable exhibition from Alberta, Canada marking the start of an exciting year long cultural exchange between Canadian and Northern Irish printmakers. This is a chance to see the subject matter and artistic techniques that are currently being employed by our Canadian contemporaries. These artists all work in a diverse range of printmaking techniques from mezzotint to lithography and digital print.

George Robb: People, Places and Objects, Creative Exchange Artist Studios, until May 29. Images drawn from this photographers wide-ranging  travels through Africa, Rome, Paris and, closer to home, Belfast.

Resounding Rivers, PLACE, until June 5. Six soundscapes to conjure the memory of the three rivers that flow through Belfast. The sound presented by each installation is a reimagining of what the city’s buried and constricted rivers, and waterways might once have sounded like. Each of the six sites would have had a different relationship with it’s respective water source and this is reflected in the delivered sound. In order to achieve the reimaging, locations in Northern Ireland with similar water features to those previously in Belfast have been visited, recorded and re-released into Belfast’s sound space.

Gary Shaw: Stroke, Naughton Gallery at Queen's, until June 20. Mesmeric patterns based on mathematician Sebastien Truchet's theories. In Stroke, he takes the theories of an eclectic seventeenth century Dominican friar as his starting point. Sébastien Truchet (1657-1729) developed theories using a single tile that could be rotated in the four main directions. Truchet’s tiling designs have become traditional applications for walls, floors, marquetry and the backs of playing cards and, more recently, chaos theories and software applications have been based on the random plane coverage that he identified.

John McKeag, Craft NI, until June 21. Exhibition of ceramics from the owner of Firebox Ceramics. Primarily concerned with simplicity of form, he views each piece as an individual work of functional art. Making and firing in small batches allows him to devote time to create intriguing surface textures and colours. The nature of the firing process ensures that each piece is truly unique. His work is available from galleries across the UK and ROI.

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