Late Night Art - December 4

Another Late Night of exciting exhibitions and events in Belfast, with selected galleries open until 9pm

Gerard Dillon GalleryGerard Dillon Gallery, Seamus McGreevy and Dónal Ó Dálaigh. Joint exhibition from musician and painter McGreevy and graphic designer and artist Ó Dálaigh.

Ormeau Baths GalleryOrmeau Baths Gallery, Roderick Buchanan. In his first major exhibition in Ireland, Buchanan exhibits recent artwork which references sectarianism as manifested in history, culture and society. 

Golden Thread GalleryGolden Thread Gallery, Christmas Show. Mystery and magic awaits at the Golden Thread Gallery’s Christmas show, with featured artists kept a surprise until the event. 

P.L.A.C.EP.L.A.C.E., AAI Awards 2008. Series of excellence awards for architectural design in Ireland and by Irish architects practising abroad. 

Engine Room GalleryEngine Room Gallery, Christmas Show. Up to 50 regular Engine Room artists from as far a field as New York and Jamaica display a wide range of artworks in various mediums.

Catalyst ArtsCatalyst Arts, Open Studios Project. Several artists create new work in the Catalyst Arts gallery space. The gallery will be open to view the artists as they work and develop their projects.

SpaceCRAFTSpaceCRAFT, A Christmas Trilogy. Three exhibitions exploring different media, Who Framed Christmas?, Festive Forest and Christmas Boxed showcase the wonderful world of Irish crafts.

Belfast Print WorkshopBelfast Print Workshop, The BPW Annual Christmas Show. The walls and corridors at Cotton Court will be brimming with framed prints of new work available to buy 'off the wall' on opening evening and throughout the exhibition.

Belfast ExposedBelfast Exposed, Replications. A look at the process of replication, imitation and reproduction inherent in photography, drawing parallels with other ways of ‘mocking up’ reality, including model making, taxidermy and historical re-enactment.

PS2PS2, In Time – Episodes. A series of cinematic episodes by Nicole Hewitt, based around the Latin American dancing schools and clubs of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia.

Naughton GalleryNaughton Gallery, Davy Portrait Awards 2008. The best portrait artists from across Ireland showcase their inclusions in this years Davy Portrait Awards. 

Hedge GalleryHedge Gallery, Northern Light/Eastern Star. A joint exhibition featuring Belfast artists, Lesley Cherry and Deirdre Robb, who have played a continuing role in the development of the arts in the city for the past 10 years.

Former Northern BankFormer Northern Bank, JP Vallely Retrospective. An appreciative look at some of JP Vallely's best work to celebrate 50th years as an artist.