Late Night Art - November 5

Belfast's public galleries open to 9pm on the first Thursday of the month with exciting artist talks, exhibition launches and more

M2 J5 Belfast to Templepatrick by Kevin Killen

View a selection of participating Late Night Art events for September 2015 as well as other exhibitions running throughout the month below. Book your coach tour, departing from Linen Hall Library at 6.30pm.

Blood, Sweat and Tears - Photographs of the Miners' Strike 1984/85 - Running until November 7 at the Red Barn Gallery

Fifty images by John Sturrock, one of a small number of photographers who covered the whole of the strike for the trade union and labour movement press, commemorating the defining moment when tens of thousands of miners were willing to face the hardship of a strike.

Dry Your Eyes Princess - Running from November 13 - 28 at the Red Barn Gallery (previewing November 12)

Outburst Arts presents an exhibition of new work by acclaimed photographer Stephen King portraying pinnacle moments in the lives of transgender army veterans. Read more.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres: This Place - Running until January 24 at The MAC

The largest presentation of Cuban-born American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres's work in Ireland to date fills all three of the MAC’s galleries whilst also spilling out beyond the building into the city, becoming entwined with the urban landscape of Belfast. Read more.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres: This Place

The Visitor - Opening November 5 at the Engine Room Gallery

A selection of painted works by London/Dublin-based artist Alison Pilkington. In her artistic practice, Alison seeks to explore the interaction between the 'intrinsic qualities' of paint as a material, and how they can be manipulated by the artist; utilizing subject matter that has the ability to be both familiar and disorientating. Read more.

Betwixt - Opening November 5 at the Engine Room Gallery 2

An exhibition of work by South Australian-born artist Gary Shaw, demonstrates his abiding interest in colour, pattern and form. In paintings from various stages of his career the artist has hung early maritime works together with more recent works. Read more.

Long Division - Running from November 5 - 28 at the Catalyst Arts Centre

Catalyst Arts welcomes Scottish artists Susan Boyle and Derek Sutherland to Belfast as part of Long Division, an exhibition drawing from themes present in both artists' work. Read more.

Diagrams - Running until November 14 at Queen Street Studios

Featuring work by: Colin Martin, Bea McMahon, Elvira Santamaria Torres, Craig Donald, Martin Boyle, Brigid McLeer and Jacqueline Holt, Diagrams is a mixed media show of work comprising lens-based media, drawings, paintings and sculptures. Read more.

Mask - Running until December 23 at Belfast Exposed

Mask is a two-person exhibition featuring the work of Charles Fréger and Axel Hoedt which looks at the relationship between photography and the mask in the context of the traditional masquerade festival. The exhibition opens just before Halloween, a Christianized festival thought by many to be influenced by Celtic harvest festivals with pagan roots. Read more.


Irresistable Drift - Running until December 23 at Belfast Exposed

Peter Evers appropriates video and motion capture sequences from the Perceiving Systems department at the Max Planck Institute in Tuebingen to explore the (de)construction of identity in a digital age.

Surface Tension - Running from November 5 - 28 at the Molesworth Gallery

Surface Tension will bring together the work of three artists, John Kindness, Catherine Barron and Norman Mooney, for whom the surface they work on and work with is an integral part of the aesthetic and conceptual underpinnings of their practice. Read more.

The Present Instant - Running from November 6 - 25 at Platform Arts

Exhibition bringing together two works by Richard O'Sullivan and Matilde Meireles using video, static imagery and sound to depict fixed points in time. Read more.


Extremely Brief Impressions - Running from November 6 - 25 at Platform Arts

Installation artist Vanya Lambrecht Ward and sound artist Rachel Ní Chuinn present their first joint exhibition. The works are a philosophical alluvium, perceptions left by traveling through space, remnants of thought, agglomerations of senses. Sound and sculpture collaborate to create a shifting interior.

Belfast Design Week - Running from November 2 - 8 in various venues

A week of specially curated talks, workshops, events, pop-ups and exhibitions to promote and celebrate design and the creative economy in Belfast and beyond. It will showcase emerging and established talent and aims to create new connections across island-wide industries. Read more.

Belfast Design Week 2015 2.jpg

Portraits of writers and wildlife - Running until November 23 at Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich

Drawing on Words by Joanna Mules celebrates some of our most celebrated writers with portraits of them reading from their own work. Patricia Craig will open the exhibition in the Ballaí Bána, upstairs gallery. 

Terry McAllister - Running until December 20 at Naughton Gallery

Naughton Gallery hosts the eponymously titled first solo exhibition from homegrown artist Terry McAllister in over five years, made up of a series of monochrome pieces drawn from photographs of various locations taken during his travels abroad. Read more.


Endless Wander - Running from November 5 - 28 at the Golden Thread Gallery

A never-ending journey, an infinite number of images. Limitless angles of light, colour, lines and patterns. There is no end-point, just the loop of new beginnings. Endless Wander is a two-person exhibition with Kevin Killen and Clement McAleer, curated by Sarah McAvera. Read more.

Labor & Dignity: James Connolly in America - Running from November 9 - December 21 at Linen Hall Library's Vertical Gallery

James Connolly, one of Ireland's national icons, spent considerable time abroad, particularly in the United States, where he witnessed the successes and failures of labor radicalism and unionization, and of working class conditions.