Late Night Art - September 3

Belfast's public galleries open to 9pm on the first Thursday of the month with exciting artist talks, exhibition launches and more

View a selection of participating Late Night Art events for September 2015 as well as other exhibitions running throughout the month below. Book your coach tour, departing from Linen Hall Library at 6.30pm.

Barbara Freeman: Drifting the Bann - Running until October 18 at The MAC's Sunken Gallery

In the past, Barbara Freeman has created many visual/sound installations always responding to particular places both as a physical space and a sonic environment. This is her first film, following the course of the River Bann in with a montage of images and sounds, creating a poetic vision in both space and time that expresses aspects of culture in relation to place.

She finds metaphors for locations along the river, choosing a geographic, historic or industrial aspect that brings the river alive: the dying oaks on Rams Island, the Gaelic rebellion in 1641 at Portadown, eel fishing at Toome.

Drifting the Bann

Paddy McCann: Black Quarter – Running until October 18 at The MAC

This exhibition by Paddy McCann presents a major new body of work developed over the past two years and marks the beginning of a new direction in the artist’s practice, exploring new ideas in gesture and scale and methods of working with the medium of paint.

Paddy McCann 2

Saloon - Running from September 3 - 5 at the Catalyst Arts Centre

Catalyst Arts showcase the 'most visionary, indecent, controversial, amazing and original' artworks from its community of members.


The Famine Decade - Running until September 30 at the Linen Hall Library

The trauma of the famine decade struck a deep blow to the psyche of the Irish people. This exhibition, illustrated with contemporary drawings, newspaper reports, scientific comment and agricultural advice, offers an insight to the period. The Famine Decade is unique in its direct presentation of the information and commentary that was available to the public and to decision makers at the time.

HOUSE Exhibition – Currently running at PLACE Architecture Centre

Installation designed and assembled by multi-talented artist Gerry Murphy with the help of Open House Belfast Festival volunteers. HOUSE is a tiny two-storey structure: a library, a cinema and a space to reflect. It is designed for small groups of people to meet, talk, read and learn.

Bill Kirk: Corner Shop – Running until September 19 at the Red Barn Gallery

Bill Kirk beautifully captures the essence of the all-but-obsolete 'wee shop' across a selection of 40 images bringing us back to the time of the independent, family-run businesses that that peppered the terraced streets of Belfast and his hometown of Newtownards in the 1970s and '80s. Read more.

Corner Shop

Catherine Devlin: Solvitur Ambulando - Running from September 3 - 19 at Paragon Studios

This project by Belfast based artist Catherine Devlin concentrates personal experiences, philosophical thinking and aesthetic ideas into a singular sculptural structure.

Jill Quigley​: Rural Fluorescent - Running from September 4 -16 at Belfast Exposed

Jill Quigley is the most recent artist to exhibit in the Belfast Exposed Futures Gallery, a space supporting early career photographic talent in Northern Ireland. Her work is located between installation and photography. In Rural Fluorescent she playfully disrupts traditional approaches and narratives in representing Irish life and landscape, focusing on the presence of high-­‐vis materials and fluorescent colours within rural environments in Ireland. Read more.

Paul Gaffney: Stay - Running from September 4 - October 16 at Belfast Exposed

Ulster University student Paul Gaffney presents work from a number of recent studies related to the research theme of his practice-based PhD. His research is aimed at developing a meditative approach to landscape photography, and explores how the act of image making can enable and disrupt a sense of connection with one’s surroundings. Read more.


Degrees of Separation – Running until September 6 at Creative Exchange

Group exhibition of artworks playing on the the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. The artists involved will each respond to this idea through their own practice and so the resulting exhibition presents a varied range of artworks including painting, sculpture, installation, photography and digital artworks. Music provided by the Over The Hill Collective.

Paul Moore, Two Toke

Performance Art + Northern Ireland - Running from September 13 - 30 at Golden Thread Gallery

Exhibition co-curated by Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes and Brian Connolly aiming to redress the lack of historical recognition for performance art in Northern Ireland with a series of documentary artefacts, still photography, video, film, and other archival materials in addition to perfornances from key artists such as key artists such as MacLennan, Johnston, Connolly, and Bbeyond. Read more.

Keith Connolly: Why Can't You Be Nicer To Me? - Running from September 3 - 24 at Golden Thread Gallery

Keith Connolly is a freelance graphic designer working and living in Belfast. His artistic practice plays with the visual expectations of geometric forms found within science and nature. 'For this show I have dug deep into my archive of scraps and ideas, folders and clippings to arrange/rearrange and produce a simple, tangible and cohesive body of work. By adopting a minimal approach and a limited pallet I hope to achieve this.'

Julian Friers: A Shimmering Silence – Running until September 13 at Naughton Gallery

A Shimmering Silence showcases Julian Friers' series of romantic paintings of the diverse wildlife populating the Gulf region. They document this celebrated wildlife artist’s expeditions to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates over the last twenty years. Read more

Augustine Leudar: Garden of Membranes - Running from September 22 - October 18 at Naughton Gallery

Garden of Membranes is a multidisciplinary installation bridging science and art. It is part sound art installation, part living sculpture and part scientific research project. With the Gallery dimly lit, the installation will create an immersive and unusual sonic environment using unconventional spatialisation techniques and sounds. Read more.

Augustine Leudar Surrounded

David Loder: From the Breach - Running until September 26 at Queen Street Studios

QSS Gallery, Bedford Street, invites you to its September exhibition by visual artist David Loder. David is an artist-researcher and writer engaged with language, territory and materialism. His practice operates at the convergence of sound, text, film and installation.

Joanne Jamison: New Work 2015 - Opening on September 3 at the Engine Room Gallery

Mostly spanning 2015, the work in this exhibition takes on the feel of a new departure for Joanne Jamison, with experimental and abstract attributes  adding a new freedom and strength. Still at the heart of her work are Jamison's concerns with environment, with post-industrial pieces from east Belfast as well as work from the bogland series.

The show also includes a focus on the Antrim coast with shoreline and rocks series, where again her concerns are with environment rather than place.