London 2012 Festival: CAUTION

Artist and curator Sinéad O’Donnell works with five international artists who suffer from an 'invisible disability'

At the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast-based artist and curator Sinéad O’Donnell has presented the culmination of a two-year project commissioned for the Cultural Olympiad to coincide with the London 2012 Paralympics.

Over the past two years, O'Donnell travelled to the USA, Peru, Canada, Kurdistan-Iraq, Japan and Lebanon, working with artists on an ambitious collaborative project exploring the nature of ‘invisible’ disability.

Each artists was invited by O'Donnell to collaborate directly and remotely through a series of meetings, residencies, actions and correspondences taking place across continents. CAUTION is the 'accumulation of all the work we've made over two years', says O'Donnell.

'I felt that, when I was diagnosed dyslexic, I got more support from the Arts & Disability Forum in particular, and through them I [became] identified as a disabled artist,' recalls O'Donnell, who adds that CAUTION is 'very much about identity. Where do the two merge: disability and performance, live art?' she asks. 'What happens?'

The artists that O'Donnell worked with are Sylvette Babin (Montreal, Canada), Mariel Carranza (Los Angeles, USA/Lima, Peru), Paul Couillard (Toronto, Canada), Poshya Kakl (Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq) and Shiro Masuyama (Tokyo, Japan).

CAUTION runs in the Golden Thread Gallery until September 29, when it will move to the Southbank in London.