London 2012 Festival: FLAGS

German artist Hans Peter Kuhn's installation at the Giant's Causeway surprises visitors with the unpredictability of nature

FLAGS, by German sound artist and composer Hans Peter Kuhn, is part of the London 2012 Festival, a UK-wide series of events taking place in conjunction with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

FLAGS is an installation embedded in the dramatic landscape of the Giant's Causeway, creating a new visitor experience, and drawing on the natural power of the elements.

A series of flags randomly positioned along the banks of the cliff face fly freely in the wind, creating a flickering pattern of yellow and red set against the backdrop of the spectacular landscape.

'One of the things we always wanted to do with the London 2012 Festival was to visit some of the iconic sites of the UK, and engage some of the best artists in the world to respond to those sites,' says Cian Smyth, London 2012 Creative Programmer for Northern Ireland.

Kuhn is one of Germany's most innovative artists. In 1993, along with fellow composer Robert Wilson, he was awarded the 'Golden Lion' at the Venice Biennale for the installation 'Memory/Loss'. With FLAGS he was interested in exploring how nature can alter perceptions of well-known places.

'[FLAGS] shows you the nature of nature,' Kuhn explains in the above video. 'You cannot determine it. You cannnot predict or anticipate what happens. The overall image will always be different... [For this piece] I thought you have to have something that's big, because this is a big piece of land.'

FLAGS was produced by the Third Space Gallery and will be in situ until November 4, 2012.