Mark Reihill

Cat Skills is the latest exhibition by Mark Reihill, the man with the mouse

Click play on the video above to watch Mark Reihill's commentary on a selection of digital illustrations from his new musical exhibition, which includes drawings of acts like Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell and Lurgan pop-trio Cat Malojian.

Digital illustrator Mark Reihill has two passions – art and music, and his latest exhibition Cat Skills melds both together to produce interesting results as part of Antrim's 4 Corners Festival.

Reihill's illustrations chart a journey through both a musical and artistic spectrum, featuring pop icons to rock legends and home-grown heroes, all rendered in his own inimitable style.

'I've always had a huge interest in music from a very early age - I've always been illustrating artists and once I got my head around the digital side of things, then I was able to do it on a professional level', Reihill said.

The man with the mouse has worked closely with Lurgan's rising stars Cat Malojian, designing artwork for their album, website and music video.

'You can obviously just copy the [photograph]...but there's no skill involved there, so it's taking it beyond that - being digital, but bringing through personality traits in the colour and composition.'

The opening act at the folk finale sees the return of the pop/folk trio Cat Malojian, who opened the festival against a backdrop of Reihill's artwork. The trio play alongside blues/county act The Henry Girls at Park Plaza Hotel, Antrim on February 26 at 7.30pm.

Further musical support on the night comes from ‘demon gadgie’ guitar playing Robin Hurt and his band who will be performing folk standards alongside his own compositions.

Check out more of  Mark Reihill's portfolio at and view the Cat Malojian video which features Reihill's illustrations here.

Cat Skills continues through to Friday 26 February, 8am – 10pm daily at the Dunadry Hotel, Dunadry and admission is free. A selection of Reihill’s work will also be on show at Starbucks, Junction One, Antrim.

For tickets to the folk finale call 028 9448 1338 or check out the 4 Corners festival website.

Eddie Mullan