Michael Kerr's Macro Photography Exhibition

The John Hewitt bar hosts an intriguing exhibition by the fashion and portrait artist

'All of these little characters live just outside my house,' says photographer Michael Kerr, pointing to the framed photographs of spiders, beetles, wasps and more adorning the walls of The John Hewitt bar in Belfast. 'I've grown quite fond of them. They're great subjects.'

Not that Kerr is particularly interested in natural history – rather, he stumbled across the insects while experimenting with macro photography after years working as a fashion and portrait artist.

Kerr began exploring extreme miniature photography 'to challenge myself, and learn more about the functions of my camera' at a time, he argues, when relying on semi-automatic settings has become de rigueur.

'The title of the exhibition, The State of Things, comes from the subjects that I found myself photographing, the flora and fauna of Northern Ireland,' he adds. 'These are things that are all around us, and they're very beautiful, but we do tend to take them for granted.'

In the video above, Kerr talks more about his technique, focuses on some of his favourite pieces – including a photograph of a hungry spider approaching his dinner entitled 'Doom' – and explains why it has taken him over six years to put together his debut solo exhibition.

The State of Things runs in the John Hewitt Bar, Belfast until March 29.