Naughton Gallery Celebrates Spanish Poet Góngora

Watch video from prestigious Queen's University exhibition charting the Baroque lyric poet's career and influence, featuring first edition books, audio readings and more

Queen’s University Belfast is offering poetry lovers the UK’s only opportunity to see an internationally acclaimed exhibition on renowned Spanish Baroque poet, Luis de Góngora.

A contemporary of Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, Góngora is renowned as a lyric poet of enduring influence, a counter-cultural icon revered by the famed Generation of 1927 group of poets.

Góngora: The Never-Fading Star, Aesthetic Magnitude and Contemporary Universe tells the intriguing story a writer who experimented with language despite the overwhelming protestations of the Spanish establishment.

Curated by Joaquin Roses, the exhibition was brought to Queen’s by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), the Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs (Embassy of Spain) and the Naughton Gallery.

It offers, through graphic exhibition panels, an overview of 'the Spanish writer of the time', according to Professor Isabel Torres of Queen's University School of Modern Languages.

The four sections of the exhibition introduce the viewer to the life, work and influence of the Andalucian poet, giving visitors the opportunity to browse the Chacón manuscript on a touchscreen and listen to Spanish poems recited in a video.

View the video above for a visual tour of the exhibition, narrated by Torres. 

Góngora: The Never-Fading Star runs in the Naughton Gallery at Queen's until May 31.