Rita Duffy

Powerful Belfast artist with a worldwide reputation

Rita Duffy was born in 1959 in Belfast and studied at the University of Ulster from which she received an MA in Fine Art in 1986. Segregation, siege mentality, cultural and religious extreme, together with issues of gender, are all themes in her work.

By Rita DuffyThe action is often played out in the street; the street as painted red-brick terrace is always pulled into the fulmination of the crowd, assembled or assembling. Duffy’s Belfast streets are continually in a state of arousal or agitation.

Duffy has been involved in numerous visual arts projects within the built environment. She has conducted solo exhibitions at the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin, the Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast and the Orchard Gallery, Derry as well as in Berlin and San Francisco.

She has taken part in numerous group shows including On the Balcony of the Nation which toured the USA from 1990-92 and The Fifth Province: Contemporary Irish Art, touring Canada between 1991 and 1993.