Ronnie Hughes

Northern Irish painter

Painter Ronnie Hughes studied at the University of Ulster where he obtained a BA and an MA in Fine Art. He has received many awards including Joint First Prize in the Taylor Awards in 1989, the PS1 Fellowship to New York in 1990, the 1995 EV+A Open Award and a three month residency at the Bemis Foundation, Nebraska, USA in 1996.

He has exhibited widely with solo exhibitions in New York, Belfast, Limerick and Dublin.

Hughes’ art attempts to demythologise cultural perceptions of stereotypical Irishness. He examines the tourist board projection of Ireland as a rural, unspoilt, rugged landscape of honest toil, perceiving the emigrant, as an unskilled peasant.

Another concern of the artist is the contribution of American money to Ireland, which he claims, may be misused for violent activities.

Hughes’ artistic technique is to juxtapose or intermingle images, those representing a culturally loaded past with the reality of the present.