Seeing Stars at Linen Hall Library

Photography exhibition will capture astronomical beauty from Northern Ireland viewpoints and features talks on how to shoot the night sky

Belfast's Linen Hall Library will be shooting for the stars next month with a new exhibition of astronomical photographs taken in Northern Ireland.

Launching at midday on Tuesday, August 2, Images of Starlight features over 60 large scale photos, including some never-before-seen, which dramatically capture the mystery, infinity and beauty of the universe.

From the sparkling curtain of the Milky Way to romantic moonscapes to the electric colour undulations in the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), the collection will demonstrate how the rapid advance of technology allows today’s astronomers to take photos of better quality than those taken by the biggest and most advanced professional telescopes before the digital era.

Martin Campbell Dungannon - Donegal Milky Way

Donegal Milky Way by Martin Campbell

Produced by the Irish Astronomical Association (IAA), in conjunction with the Irish Astronomical Society (IAS) and the Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies (IFAS), the exhibition was launched to acclaim in Dublin earlier this year.

It includes the Irish winners of the International Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, organized by the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London, as well as what's believed to be the largest and most detailed image of a constellation ever taken by an astrophotographer.

The launch day will feature a series of talks by three of the astronomers involved at 12.30pm, 1.30pm and 2.30pm on August 2. There will be a display of equipment used for viewing and imaging the night sky, including binoculars, telescopes and cameras. Guidance and advice on imaging the night sky with standard DSLR cameras will be available together with information on the IAA.

Images of Starlight is free to attend and will run until Friday, September 30. For more events at the Linen Hall Library visit