Textile Accounts of Conflicts

View a collection of quilts and arpilleras produced by women in conflict areas currently on display for the first time in Belfast's Linen Hall Library

For the first time ever on public view, a collection of quilts, arpilleras and personal items produced and collected mainly by women as a response to conflict in a number of global hotspots will be exhibited in Textile Accounts of Conflicts at the Linen Hall Library, Belfast until March 7, 2015.

This revealing collection includes quilts produced in Northern Ireland in response to the Troubles, as well as arpilleras and other textile work from England, Spain, Chile, Peru, Zimbabwe, Colombia and elsewhere. View a selection of items from the exhibition below.

Quilt of Rememberance

'Quilt of Rememberance' – WAVE trauma centre (Bishop Street, Derry) participants, 2010 – 13

'Where Are Our Rights?'

'Where Are Our Rights?' ('Ônde estão nossos direitos?') – Brazilian arpillera, Women of the Movement of People Affected by DAMS, (2013) courtesy of Movimiento de los Afectados por Represas

'They Burned Our Homes'

'They Burned Our Homes' – Zimbabwean arpillera, 2012. Collective work facilitated by Shari Eppel Solidarity Peace Trust Zimbabwe, Killarney Girls collection, Zimbabwe

'The Side of the Wall'

'The Side of the Wall' – Northern Ireland arpillera by Michele Connor, Fab Femmes, Ballymoney, 2013. Causeway Museum Service collection, Northern Ireland

'Return of the Exiles'

'Retorno de los exiliados' / 'Return of the Exiles' – Chilean arpillera, Victoria Diaz Caro, 1992. Photo Martin Melaugh Kinderhilfe arpillera collection, Chile/Bonn

Textile Accounts of Conflicts runs in the Linen Hall Library, Belfast until March 7.