Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger returns to Derry

In 1994 he bought a racehorse and named it 'A Real Work of Art', for which he was nominated for the Turner Prize. Now Wallinger continues his love of all things equine at the City Factory from February 21

Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Wallinger has teamed up with Void gallery director and curator Maoliosa Boyle to curate Horse at the City Factory space.

The exhibition features work by 28 artists, including George Stubbs and Henry Moore, to explore the representation and role of the horse in contemporary and historical society and its profound relationship to man.

Wallinger, who has a life-long love of horses, is perhaps best known for his 1995 Turner Prize entry entitled ‘A Real Work of Art’ – the piece being, of course, an actual racehorse, which Wallinger purchased the year previous. More recently, he won the Ebbsfleet Landmark Project with a 50-metre-tall white horse that will stand tall over redeveloped land in Kent.

In 2013, Wallinger became acquainted with Derry while exhibiting at Void during the UK City of Culture celebrations. It was during this time that the idea for the Horse exhibition was conceived.

The exhibition at the City Factory is a study of these noble, revered and stoic animals and their relationship with man through war, agriculture and sport.

Horse combines work from historical collections, an open submission call and invited artists. The exhibition examines a wide range of themes, such as the suffragette movement, traveller tradition and horse identification through a myriad of mediums including film, photography, sculpture and painting.

The exhibition also includes a wide range of artists including 18th century English artist George Stubbs, who is celebrated as the greatest horse painter of all time, and Henry Moore, best known for his semi-abstract monumental bronze sculptures.

Horse runs in the City Factory Gallery, Derry from February 21 to April 18.