4 Corners Festival 2018

Started by a group of Christians, 4 Corners Festival aims to provide peace and unity following years of troubles across Belfast

Festival Details


Thursday, 01 February 2018 to Sunday, 11 February 2018



The 4 Corners Festival seeks to inspire people from across Belfast to transform it for the peace and prosperity of all. It features innovative events designed to entice people out of their own ‘corners’ of the city and into new places where they will encounter new perspectives, new ideas and hopefully meet new friends.

The Festival takes place annually in February. It comprises a range of events featuring discussion, music, prayer, drama, poetry and story-telling in venues across the city of Belfast.

The name ‘4 Corners’ derives from a poem originally written by Rev Steve Stockman for the ‘Jesus in the City’ Conference in Belfast in 1998. It was first prayed in St Patrick’s Church near the city centre. Steve notes that the issues highlighted in each ‘corner’ can also be reflected in the other corners and that poetic licence is used in mentioning them only once.

The festival aims to inspire people within the city to come out of their own 'corners' and to enter into new branches and new avenues, for the benefit of peace and prosperity for the entireity of the city. It's about making new relationships, breaking down the divides and to give people a chance to attend new events, as well as take part in a number of opportunites.