Belfast Pride

Ireland's largest LGBT festival celebrates its 25th anniversary in style

Festival Details


Friday, 29 July 2016 to Sunday, 07 August 2016

The 25th Belfast Pride Festival starts on Friday 29th July and runs for ten days until Sunday 7th August with Pride Day on Saturday 6th August – the 26th Belfast Pride Parade sets off at 12 noon.

It’s the 26th anniversary of Belfast Pride – 100 people marched in the first Belfast Pride in 1991, these brave pioneers paved the way for the 50,000 who marched in 2013 and inspired the continual work for a future without discrimination where everyone has equal rights. Belfast Pride is now a ten day festival that lights up the city with over 80 events that showcase the creativity, arts, history, culture, opinions and everyday lives of the LGBT community in Belfast. 

It’s time for full Equality. Belfast Pride is a protest and a celebration – a stand for equal rights and a proud and inclusive celebration of LGBTQ+ lives. A broad coalition comes together under the Pride rainbow and we want to encourage more people than ever before to join together to make the 26th the biggest Belfast Pride so far. It’s time to make a stand and it’s time to join in the celebration.