Home of St. Patrick Festival

Ten days of regional and international music, theatre, spoken word, art and comedy celebrating Armagh's connection to Ireland's most enduring saint

Festival Details


Thursday, 08 March 2018 to Sunday, 18 March 2018

Armagh is at the heart of celebrating the life of Saint Patrick and the ‘Home of St. Patrick Festival’ promises a lively and varied showcase of the best culture, music and spirituality. Saint Patrick still fascinates as one of the most enduring of all the saints.

Renowned for converting Ireland to Christianity centuries ago, his profile remains iconic. It was in Armagh that Patrick began his Christian Mission and established the city as the country’s spiritual capital.

The festival will provide an unrivalled mix of regional and international music, theatre, spoken word, art and comedy, showcasing the stunning locations where he walked and worked.

Visitors can enjoy the work of world renowned artists and performers including Kim Haughton, whose ‘Portrait of a Century’ exhibition (12 March-5 May) features throughout the festival and Portuguese Fado singer ‘Carminho’ (15 March). ‘Starry, Starry Night’ (9 March) explores the night sky during the time of Saint Patrick, hosted by the BBC’s Barra Best, and on the eve of Saint Patrick’s day join our Archbishops for two special events including ‘Saint Patrick’s Lecture’ (16 March) and ‘Saint Patrick’s Vigil’ (16 March).

For further details go to https://visitarmagh.com/festivals/st-patricks/.