Open House Belfast 2015

Open House festival comes to Belfast to celebrate the city's unique built environment

Festival Details


Friday, 17 July 2015 to Sunday, 19 July 2015

From July 17 - 19 this year,  PLACE will host the first Open House Belfast - Architecture Festival.

As part of the Year of Irish Design 2015 PLACE will be joining the Open House Worldwide family to open up some of the city's most interesting and exciting spaces to the public, free of charge! 

There will be a diverse range of locations lined up - iconic Belfast buildings, infrastructure, places housing bustling behind the scenes activity, and sites suspended with potential energy, as well as a host of designers and artisans inviting you into their studios and workshops to see and hear about their practices.

Explore and discover Belfast’s unique built environment through site visits, public discussions, performances and special access events catering for families, general public and professionals in the field of design.

Whether you are a resident of, or visiting Belfast, this is your opportunity to discover the city from new perspectives and uncover the wealth of beauty and activity that we pass by daily.

For more information, or for events listings, click here