• skelper and me

    Book Review: The Skelper and Me

    Tony Doherty completes his trilogy of Troubles memoirs with more accessible and authentic storytelling, spanning his time as an IRA prisoner to his long journey for justice after his father's death on Bloody Sunday

  • Troubles art review

    'Absorbing' Troubles Art exhibition reflects decades of tension and turmoil

    Over 40 works from National Museums NI's collections create an account of the conflict that's heartbreaking and hard to forget

  • Pan forum

    Peter Pan given a dazzling Derry makeover at the Millennium Forum

    Big musical numbers, pyrotechnics and pixie dust-like sprinklings of the city's trademark sense of humour takes the age-old panto to a magical new place

  • Derry: The Irish Revolution, 1912-23, Adrian Grant

    Derry: The Irish Revolution, 1912-23

    Historian Adrian Grant delves a century into the city's past and, with new facts and parallels to today, manages to makes a gripping read from events we already know the outcomes of

  • Myra review

    Myra's Story

    A play so good they named it twice, Fionna Hewitt-Twamley not only fills Carmel McCafferty's shoes comfortably, but is bewitching as the rock bottom title character once known as Maire

  • Hear My Voice review

    Hear My Voice: film inspired by Colin Davidson exhibition 'offers a tribute to the human spirit'

    Brendan J Byrne manages to further enrich the moving source material of Silent Testimony while extending the experience for those unable to see its portraits in person

  • Her Name Was Rose 2

    Her Name Was Rose

    Claire Allan leaves 'Chick Lit' behind in favour of a dark thriller which, for the Derry-based author, signals a bright new chapter

  • Eamonn Magee

    The Lost Soul of Eamonn Magee

    While his wasted sporting potential is a source of frustration, the ex-world champion boxer's remarkable, still unfinished story makes for an absorbing read with as much tragedy as it has triumph

  • Hansel Gretel main

    Hansel and Gretel

    Featuring a role call of fictional favourites, the MAC's fairytale production places a feast of Northern Irish theatre talent firmly in the (sweet) shop window

  • Junebug


    The fifth Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement bows out with an entrancing multinational exploration of the female bond

  • Necrospective

    Freud's and Baudrillard's theories of the 'death drive' and its consequences influence a wide range of artists

  • Clandeboye Festival

    Barry Douglas, virtuoso pianist and the 'force of nature' behind the festival, dazzles and beguiles the County Down crowd

  • Disappeared

    Crime author Gayle Curtis is shocked and informed by Anthony Quinn's journey into the dark heart of the Troubles

  • Lithography Rocks

    Helen Paisley's prints bring a 'kinetic sense of Gallic energy' to the Lagan Barge for August Craft Month

  • Bad Manners

    Everyone's favourite ska party band, led by the inimitable Buster Bloodvessel, get the crowd bouncing in west Belfast

  • BBC Invitation Concert

    Ulster Orchestra principle conductor JoAnn Falletta's 'lithe, supple interpretations' of American composers impress

  • The Titanic Boys

    Martin Lynch and JJ Gilmour's musical is marked by a 'joyous disregarding of pompous memorialisation'

  • Grabbers

    Belfast director Jon Wright's latest feature is 'daft and gory enough' to warrant a viewing. Four tentacles up

  • On My Own Two Wheels

    Diagnosed with diabetes at 60, Malachi O'Doherty returned to cycling. His thoughts on the subject are inspiring

  • The Producers

    The Theatre at the Mill Summer Youth Group do justice to Mel Brooks' hilarious musical satire

  • Féile an Phobail

    Expect the unexpected at St Mary's University College, where several exhibits tell the story of the westside

  • Gig in the Garden

    Fionola Meredith makes no apologies for enjoying a terribly middle-class day out at sunny Minnowburn

  • Nuala Kennedy

    The County Louth singer and flautist boasts a 'minimal, decorative and utterly beautiful' sound

  • Emma Johnson

    'The world's leading clarinettist' brings a touch of class to the Walled City Music Festival in Derry~Londonderry

  • A Country Road. A Tree. Evening

    Jeremy Henderson, an artist often compared to Samuel Beckett, proudly proclaims his Scottish heritage

  • Chic

    Funk legend Nile Rodgers – producer, writer, raconteur – regales the Belfast faithful with tales and tunes aplenty

  • DRAG

    'A notably serious examination not just of gay identity, but of identity, period' at Belfast Pride Festival

  • Talking Heads

    'This is a tour for all but the cripplingly paranoid: everywhere you go in Belfast, hundreds of eyes are staring down'

  • Molly Wobbly's Tit Factory

    Paul Boyd's musical comedy is a five-star romp 'populated with sleazy, strutting grotesques'

  • Gama Bomb

    The Newry thrash metallers 'shriek and solo' their way through a set to celebrate ten years in the business

  • Edinburgh Fringe Preview

    Ruaidhrí Ward, Eleanor Tiernan and Michael Legge hone their skills at the Black Box

  • NEST

    'The singers and instrumentalists let out a volley of mad mutterings and animal sounds... it is impossible not to smile'

  • U.Dance 2012

    Groups from across the UK converge on London for a highlight of the Cultural Olympiad

  • Glasgowbury 2012

    LaFaro bassist Oisin O'Doherty on headlining the G Session stage and developing an appreciation of Therapy?

  • Writing in Light

    The luminaries of Irish literature photographed in their homes by Darragh Casey. Cup of tea, anyone?

  • Peace Camp

    This London 2012 Festival event on the North Coast is a 'spell-binding, dreamy sight' and one of the arts events of the year

  • Vista Sans Wood Type Project

    A simple (or maybe complex) exhibition of typography with a violent streak

  • Ministry

    The world has moved on, but iconic frontman Al Jourgensen is still angry. Give that man an electronic cigarette

  • Bruce Springsteen

    Thankfully they don't turn off his microphone in Dublin. Ralph McLean only wishes The Boss had brought his protest North

  • OrangeFest 2012

    Surrealist whimsy, Mario, Queen of the Circus and a 'bum-off' at City Hall – that's right, it's the 12th of July

  • Selected Poems by Gerald Dawe

    Belfast poet Gerald Dawe's seven collections distilled into one, with 'home territory' the dominant theme

  • Woody Allen A Documentary

    A definitive exploration of the idiosyncratic filmmaker's remarkable life and career

  • Still Not Out of the Woods

    Artists and climbers Dan Shipsides and Neal Beggs recall an ascent to the summit of Lagazuoi

  • Found Footage Festival

    A selection of old VHS clips proves that embarrasment is truly the international language of hilarity

  • FNT Live

    The taboo-tacking comedians keep the laughs coming in the preview of their Edinburgh Fringe show

  • Steve Backshall

    The Deadly 60 presenter engages young naturalists at the Ulster Hall with sharks and rhinos, but isn't too fond of Giant Pandas

  • Arnocorps

    One thing Arnocorps, the Arnold Schwarzenegger-inspired 'Greatest Band in the World', doesn't lack is discipline 

  • MUSIC REVIEW – Singles Releases

    From Seven Summits sincere 'The Worrier' to The Answer's stealth power-ballard, listen to the best of July's singles here

  • Maritime Trail

    A literary jaunt through decaying Sailortown as part of the 'Poets and Players, Dockers and Dreamers' series

  • Pieces

    Armagh foursome Gascan Ruckus shrug off their 'live act' label to record a polished piece of catchy pop rock

  • Ten Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci

    'A brief but completely enthralling glimpse into the workings of the effervescent mind of a true genius'

  • Richard III

    Belfast actor Jonjo O'Neill takes Stratford-upon-Avon by storm in this Royal Shakespeare Company production

  • NI Opera Shorts

    NI Opera takes a major gamble with 5 debut works, but it – mostly – pays off at the MAC

  • Cursed

    A painting show 'in the loosest possible sense', this exhibition at Catalyst Arts revels in the unusual

  • One Day In The Life Of...

    The Royal Ulster Academy enlist primary school pupils to photograph themselves and their environment

  • Hank Williams III

    The defiant grandson of a country legend mixes elements of country, punk and metal. Nashville is not amused

  • Boy Racer

    A Plastic Rose show a heavier side in the second single taken from forthcoming album Camera.Shutter.Life

  • Appendage

    'Self-obsessed, unsympathetic, predictable.' Playwright Derek Murphy is unforgiving in his exploration of the male psyche

  • Bridget Ryan

    The Connemara-born artist paints the Irish hinterland in stunning shades of every colour. John Gray is suitably impressed

  • The Life of the Lough

    Photographer Bernie Brown captures the various characters and vantage points of Strangford Lough

  • Art Repair Shop

    Broken objects transformed into artworks – and all for free. PS2 help collectors in the Age of Austerity

  • Farewell to Reason

    Cedric Has a Name, aka Chris Steenson, shows flashes of brilliance in his homemade second outing

  • So It Is

    A Scot's take on Northern Ireland's troubled past shows early promise, but 'feels like a wasted opportunity'

  • Whole Lotta Sole

    Oscar-winning Belfast director Terry George returns with a fish-based, Tarantinoesque comedy crime caper

  • Divis Flats

    Divis Flats 1982

    Judah Passow's powerful images of Divis Flats still pack a 'gut-punch' a decade after they were demolished

  • Pick 'n' Mix Festival

    A two and a half-day showcase of new Northern Irish theatre that goes from bed to brilliant

  • The Importance of Being Earnest

    Slapstick, Stevie Wonder and men playing women. The Lyric Theatre inject new life into Oscar Wilde's comic masterpiece

  • Sweet Charity

    Bruiser's energetic, hep-tastic 'Noo Yoik' musical at the MAC is 'witty, wordy and full of heart'

  • Cinematic Titanic

    A cast of American comics riff and pun on 1968 bugsploitation B movie, War of the Insects

  • Warning! This is Contemporary Art

    The provocative exhibition isn't for the faint of heart, but is well-worth challenging your preconceptions