Boy Racer

A Plastic Rose show a heavier side in the second single taken from forthcoming album Camera.Shutter.Life

Alt-rockers A Plastic Rose, who hail from Belfast and Sligo, have amped up their sound with new single, 'Boy Racer'. The second track to be made available from their debut album, Camera.Shutter.Life, which has been scheduled for an autumn 2012 release, here the cross-border foursome are in denture-gnashing form.

'Boy Racer' is an uncharacteristically propulsive song. It starts off with a bang – 'I just figured out how to save the world,' proclaims lead singer Gerry Norman. A Plastic Rose seem to have substituted their usual steady build, anthemic formulae for a thrashier, more direct approach

For a band who have previously relied on call-and-response indie choruses – they describe themselves as 'purveyors of mid-nineties post-hardcore tinged ‘Catchy Alternative Rock‘®' on their Facebook account – this is an admirable breakaway that allows drummer Dave Reid and bassist Troy Heaton's dynamic alliance to sparkle.

The combined vocal efforts of Norman and Ian McHugh are also livened with a renewed ferocity, the rasping chorus surely one that fans will scream along to come touring time. Leading into the last hurdle of refrains, it's McHugh who comes out on top, chanting a wordless backing harmony that is strangely infectious, something we've come to expect from this band.

This release might see A Plastic Rose at their most abrasive, with buzzing guitars and menacing intonations of 'crash the vehicle', but the neat and precise alternative rock sensibilities remain. Those same sensibilities that bagged them lofty live slots supporting the likes of Snow Patrol and lucrative media mentions in rock bible Kerrang! magazine and elsewhere.

'Boy Racer' is as accessible a single as A Plastic Rose have released in the six years since they formed. It is evidence that their songwriting is becoming more refined and polished, eschewing the melodramatic aspects of previous work to harness a louder, heavier sound.

Following on from 2011's seven-song EP, The Promise Notes, this single release – which includes a radio edit version of 'Boy Racer', as well as two acoustic cuts and live versions of 'I Won't Try to Fix It' and 'These Old Videos' – is sure to ratchet up the interest in their 2012 album.

'Boy Racer' is now available to buy exclusively on CD from A Plastic Rose's website.