Event Horses/Rams' Pocket Radio

Two new releases to soundtrack your summer

Event Horses – 'Dance With the Devil'
(Available July 11)

At the thought of yet ANOTHER noise band from the north coast, one might be prompted to groan, 'Enough is enough!' But three-piece Event Horses inject enough good ol’ fashioned grunge rock energy into proceedings on new single 'Dance With the Devil' to make it all worthwhile.

It’s not exactly sophisticated stuff, with plenty of guttural howls and screams throughout, but it works, and the north coast noiseniks pull it off with a degree of charm and understanding, displaying a real affinity for the kind of music they make.

'Dance With the Devil' doesn’t have the lyrical sophistication of a LaFaro track, or the angular intensity of Axis Of, but there’s something to be said for the sheer power and enthusiasm that powers this track.

If LaFaro are Nirvana, then Event Horses have it in them to be Screaming Trees – less celebrated, but no less important. Or, conversely, if they don’t tighten the songwriting reigns a little, they could be the next Tad. And no-one wants that.

Rams' Pocket Radio – 'Dieter Rams Has Got the Pocket Radio'
(Available July 25)

Finally moving out of the shadow of his ex-bandmates, former Mojo Fury drummer Peter McCauley proves that his old band had a surplus of talent. Firmly ensconced behind the piano, McCauley has re-invented himself as a sensitive songwriter, unafraid of unleashing the kind of emotional dramatics his former band were known for.

With the style of a Ben Folds or Billy Joel, but with the dynamics of Muse, Rams' Pocket Radio are an interesting twist on the old ‘piano man’ format, and that sound pays dividends on this first official single.

The song rises and swells amid a bed of pounding piano and deep bass, with added guitar textures to flesh it out. McCauley’s voice is simple and direct, a tool to deliver his literate lyrics, rather than an expressive instrument in its own right, allowing him to belt out lines like, 'Got results, got the faults, got them all – the ephemeral', with no small amount of conviction.

It’s impressive, polished stuff, and with the right people making noises about him (Gary Lightbody’s tip for the top in Q magazine a few months ago) and the right gigs coming his way (supporting Darwin Deez on tour and playing a rapturously received set at this year’s Glastonbury festival) it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Rams’ Pocket Radio start popping up all over your actual radio.