• Pan forum

    Peter Pan given a dazzling Derry makeover at the Millennium Forum

    Big musical numbers, pyrotechnics and pixie dust-like sprinklings of the city's trademark sense of humour takes the age-old panto to a magical new place

  • Myra review

    Myra's Story

    A play so good they named it twice, Fionna Hewitt-Twamley not only fills Carmel McCafferty's shoes comfortably, but is bewitching as the rock bottom title character once known as Maire

  • Hansel Gretel main

    Hansel and Gretel

    Featuring a role call of fictional favourites, the MAC's fairytale production places a feast of Northern Irish theatre talent firmly in the (sweet) shop window

  • Waves Review


    Gentle movement and vivid storytelling make more than a few ripples in this poignant and understated play about one woman's remarkable resilience

  • The Train Review

    The Train

    While some elements lack steam, Rough Magic's musical has audiences on board for its retelling of a momentous, reproductive rights-fuelled journey

  • Faerie Thorn Review

    The Faerie Thorn

    After a promising preview, Big Telly bring Jane Talbot's North Coast fables to the stage in a fully realised adaptation fit for the company's 30th year

  • The Importance of Being Earnest Review

    The Importance of Being Earnest

    Not everything works in this risky all-male revision, but ultimately the source material proves it to be still Wilde at heart

  • Famla review main


    John McCann's brooding drama borders on the bleak, but a sense of hope mirrored by the youth of today points to a better tomorrow

  • Dirty Dancing Review

    Dirty Dancing

    Staying true to the original, this steamy stage adaptation is guaranteed to satisfy fans of the classic, feel-good film

  • Powder Her Face Main

    Powder Her Face

    Northern Ireland's first production of Thomas Adés's notorious, sex-fuelled opera holds a mirror to modern society and the perils of promiscuity

  • Hey You

    Hey You!

    Joe Nawaz and Accidental Theatre combine for an immersive self-improvement satire which with a little finessing could take the comedy world by storm

  • Green and Blue Review

    Green and Blue

    Premiering at a former British military base in Belfast, this challenging but tasteful dramatisation humanises the uniforms patrolling the border at the height of the Troubles

  • Closer Composite


    With its imaginative direction and competent cast, this modest adaptation has the charm to see past its lack of Hollywood gloss

  • Bill Burr Main

    Bill Burr

    Though not every topic hits its mark, Belfast still revels in a masterful Northern Ireland debut from the no-frills Boston comic

  • Midsummer Main

    A Midsummer Night's Dream

    The Royal Shakespeare Company recruit Belfast's Belvoir Players for a frothy but 'bags of fun' take on the timeless comedy

  • Here Comes the Night

    Here Comes the Night

    There's no time like the present as Rosemary Jenkinson's clever and well-acted culture comedy finds firmer footing in the more modern of its two narratives

  • Prick 3


    Shot Glass Theatre's love letter to cinema's comedy-romps of old offers an ambitious commentary on contemporary arts coverage disguised in seventies sleaze

  • Bag for Life Main

    Bag for Life

    Colin Bateman takes a darker direction with his gripping second play, exploring our inherent inability to let go of the past in the digital age

  • Gordon Osram Review Main

    Gordon Osràm's Funeral

    Though not always subtle, this interactive swan song is a multi-layered and undeniably fun piece of theatre which puts every inch of its surroundings to use

  • Annie Main

    Annie - The Musical

    Forty years after first taking to the stage, the world's most beloved orphan shows little sign of her age in this riot of colour and movement at the Millennium Forum

  • Twinsome Minds

    Twinsome Minds

    Renewed understanding and contemporary relevance is brought to the events of 1916 in this novel fusion of spoken performance and image projection

  • Educating Rita 2

    Educating Rita

    Emma Jordan tactfully transposes Willy Russell's play to Belfast with help from two extraordinary leads in this fine start to the year for the Lyric Theatre

  • Attila the Stockbroker

    Attila the Stockbroker

    The firebrand poet exemplifies the rejuvenating power of punk in a razor-sharp and surprisingly poignant Out to Lunch performance

  • Mi Mundo

    Mi Mundo

    The third instalment of Terra Nova's Arrivals project immerses audiences in the domestic hardships of the UK immigration system

  • Opera Literature Lunch

    Opera, Literature and Lunch

    Out to Lunch continue to brighten the dark days of January with a no frills fix of book-based works from NI Opera's fabulous young artists

  • Turandot 1.jpg


    NI Opera's contemporary co-production of Puccini’s visceral last work leaves no one on the fence in fulfilling the composer's modern vision

  • The Kitchen 3

    The Kitchen

    Roysten Abel's hypnotic fusion of culinary and performance art is a sumptuous metaphor for human experience that will inflame the senses

  • Lughnasa 1

    Dancing at Lughnasa

    The Lyric's first production of Friel's layered masterwork is as rich and rewarding as theatre gets

  • David Sedaris

    David Sedaris

    The celebrated American humorist delivers an evening of interlacing tales and outrageous material disguised in a performance akin to catching up with an old friend

  • Crazy


    Without enough plot or pizazz to sustain its run-time, Brenda Murphy's country-tinged comedy unravels despite fizzing performances from its cast of three

  • Lanciatore


    Paul Kennedy's wonderfully realised morality tale reveals the plight of the 21st century artist and warns of a brain drain as artistic opportunities dry up in Northern Ireland

  • My English Tongue, My Irish Heart

    My English Tongue, My Irish Heart

    Martin Lynch tells a contemporary cross-border love story set against the backdrop of departure and based on the book The Literature of the Irish in Britain

  • Lally the Scut

    Lally the Scut

    Abbie Spallen creates a local Hell for local people in this powerful, hilarious, gruelling satire on post-conflict Northern Ireland currently running in The MAC

  • Big Telly Theatre Company

    One Sandwich Short of a Genius

    Pending nuptials provide the perfect backdrop for Big Telly's chaotic farce featuring a cast of fine comic actors and an hilarious script by Zoë Seaton and Shelley Atkinson

  • The Pillowman

    The Pillowman

    Martin McDonagh pits the lowly writer against a totalitarian system suspicious of creativity in his finest play to date, currently running in the Lyric Theatre in Belfast

  • Arrivals2


    Months of workshops and interviews with ethnic minorities inform five short plays revealing how intercultural Northern Ireland is changing for the better and the worse

  • Cahoots NI, The Gift

    The Gift

    Cahoots NI work with visually impaired children to create a tantalising sensory journey with the help of playwright Charles Way and composer Garth McConaghie

  • The Imp

    The Imp

    Having trained in Paris, physical performer Jude Quinn applies a European sensibility to his latest work confronting the events of January 7, 2015 and the Charlie Hebdo massacre

  • Adam Laughlin


    New comedy club in Belfast's Loft – artist's studio by day, platform for new comedy talent by night – is much more than a cheap and cheerful night out

  • Maiden Voyage Dance

    Quartet for Fifteen Chairs

    The kids love Maiden Voyage Dance's Chaplin-esque piece, marked by slapstick humour, enchanting choreography and a joyous score by Brian Irvine

  • Zombies

    Zombie Science

    Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Zombiologist Dr Ken Howe joins forces with the NI Science Festival to equip Northern Ireland for the inevitable

  • Stitched Up

    Stitched Up

    When an NHS surgeon leaves a pair of scissors inside a patient, his moral compass spins out of control in Rosemary Jenkinson's excellent play at the Lyric Theatre

  • Death of a Comedian

    Death of a Comedian

    Owen McCafferty's Faustian play comments on the commercial corruption of art by focussing on one man's journey from gags to riches

  • God of Carnage

    God of Carnage

    Prime Cut Productions' adaptation of the Yasmina Reza play is a breath of fresh air at The MAC in Belfast

  • Salome


    Strauss, Oscar Wilde and Northern Ireland Opera combine in a sexy, dangerous and accessible production at Belfast's Grand Opera House

  • Thank F*ck It's Christmas

    Jude Quinn's one-man show sees Santa in mischievous mood

  • Slimmer for Christmas

    Leesa Harker updates Pride and Prejudice for the 80s generation

  • Jack and the Beanstalk

    Terry Blain discovers that for all our technological advances nothing much changes in Pantoland

  • Tinseltown

    Paul Boyd pits belief against world-weary cynicism in what is sure to be a smash hit musical

  • An Evening with CS Lewis

    David Payne's play is heavy on anecdote but light on the good stuff – the books

  • Unhome

    Jim McAleavey's house of horrors bulges with invention and endless witty subversions at The MAC

  • Jacques Brel is Alive...

    Blunt Fringe reanimate the husky Belgian songwriter and 'matador of emotion'

  • Damage

    A suppressed emotion will do anything to survive in Patrick J O'Reilly's gay conversion therapy drama

  • Neither Either

    Two of Ireland's finest companies are inspired by the work of poet Seamus Heaney

  • Female Gothic

    Rebecca Vaughan's medley of classic ghoulish tales is a tricky treat at The MAC

  • An Enemy of the People

    Schaubühne Berlin get Belfast fired up for change

  • Sive

    JB Keane's 1956 play set in rural Ireland abounds with dark themes familiar to 21st century audiences

  • Foil, Arms & Hog

    Dublin-based trio perform a short but sweet set at the Belly Laughs Comedy Festival in Belfast

  • Pentecost

    Lyric Theatre's latest production is beautifully written, directed with brio and perfectly performed

  • Jonathan Harker and Dracula

    Gerard McCarthy plays a plethora of characters in Ulster Theatre Company's game adaptation