• An Imaginary Circus

    Ben Maier invites the audience to play forests, flowers and fanciful girls as the Literary Lunchtimes series continues

  • The Pharaoh's Daughter

    Recorded live in 2012, this screening of the Bolshoi Ballet's latest production features an interview with artistic director Sergei Filin

  • Fifty Shades of Red, White and Blue

    50 Shades of Red, White and Blue

    GBL Productions' adaptation of Leesa Harker’s mommy-porn pastiche is an x-rated antidote to good taste

  • One Rogue Reporter

    Former tabloid hack Rich Peppiatt lampoons the industry he was once a part of and ingeniously confronts its worst offenders

  • Sean Hughes

    The Irish comedian whittles out the jokes in his father's demise, and entrances the Black Box with his 'energic and involving style'

  • Rob Newman

    Much oil has flowed under the bridge, and into the hands of Western businessmen, since Rob Newman filled Wembley Stadium with David Baddiel

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray

    An experimental adaptation of Oscar Wilde's Gothic masterpiece is undermined by a spinning disco ball

  • Forget Turkey!

    Writers Dan Gordon, Gary Mitchell and Colin Murphy raise a fleg for tasteless topical satire with the Lyric Theatre's end of year review show

  • A Christmas Night with George

    A rumination on love, life and Long Kesh – Donna O'Connor shows how the Troubles affected Belfast's women

  • Sleeping Beauty

    'Overly garrish, flapping, whimsical and foolish' – Ivan Little leaves his broadcasting days behind him to play the dame at the Waterfront Hall

  • Quietly

    Owen McCafferty's new play, premiered in the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, explores 'the hurt, the carnage and the consequences' of the Troubles

  • The Visteon/Ford Occupation

    The true story of a workers' revolt in Belfast, written by first-time playwright John Maguire, is ferociously authentic

  • Release

    Real stories told and acted by the men who experienced them 'illuminate the fragile nature of Northern Ireland's tentative peace'

  • Patrick Kielty

    Cat Deeley, red wine and the Pavarotti Provo – Northern Ireland's finest returns to the Empire Comedy Club 20 years later

  • Minsk 2011

    Belarus Free Theatre shed light on the suppression of human rights in Europe's last dictatorship

  • Jon Richardson

    How does the 'reliably sophisticated font of witticisms' as featured on 8 Out of 10 Cats transfer to the stage?

  • Ulysses


    Dermot Bolger's adaptation of James Joyce's famous novel is 'a tribute to Joyce's own curious imagination'

  • The Scarlet WWWeb

    Admirable acting and direction cannot save a weak script, as Big Telly fall victim to cliché and hungry hens

  • Macbeth

    The Northern Irish accent lends itself well to Shakespeare's most visceral tragedy, and Stuart Graham excels as the murderous king

  • Death (On a Shoestring)

    The heavenly hordes are 'anti-abortion, anti-evolution homophobes' in Accidental Theatre Company's latest outing

  • Huzzies

    Stacey Gregg's story of the rise and fall of a Belfast band is saved by Kerrie Quinn's bullish central performance

  • The Odd Couple

    Neil Simon's rib-tickling examination of male friendship finds added relevance in the era of the ‘bromance’

  • David O'Doherty

    The Belfast Festival's new marquee plays host to the shaggy-haired comic who is unusually grouchy and all the better for it

  • Michael McIntyre

    A 'flawlessly constructed, expertly executed' set from the King of UK Comedy

  • Alan Davies

    The Essex actor and QI stooge returns to stand-up after a 12 year wait. Perhaps he should have stayed sitting down

  • The Cove

    Experiencing Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company's new production is 'like observing a seaside trip on a time-lapse camera'

  • The Mousetrap

    Can Agatha Christie's most famous play enthral modern audiences outside of the West End?

  • Paul Currie

    His comedy peers adore him, but what does John Higgins make of Belfast's most eclectic performer? 'Everyone prefers Cash to Czech!'

  • An Unseasonable Fall of Snow

    Galvinised Productions first foray into theatre has 'audience members audibly gasping'

  • Lord Carson Signs Off

    Paddy Scully's engaging one-man show puts flesh on the bones of 'this most misunderstood of Irishmen'

  • Owen O'Neill

    'To describe O’Neill’s act simply as ‘stand-up’ would do him a great injustice'

  • Jimmy Cricket

    'The set is so slick and well-honed you almost forget the incredible craftsmanship.'

  • I Am My Own Wife

    Prime Cut's retelling of the Charlotte von Mahlsdorf story is The MAC's 'finest achievement since launching'

  • The Playboy of the Western World

    Conall Morrison's 'constantly stimulating' take on JM Synge's play retains an anarchic edge

  • Walking With Dinosaurs

    Adapted from the BBC series, this arena spectacular features life-sized T-Rexes and much more

  • East Belfast Arts Festival

    An audience of 'middle-aged bohemians' make life hard for Matthew Collins, Lauren Kerr and Shane Todd at Belmont Tower

  • Basra Boy

    Flute bands and fisty-cuffs – Rosemary Jenkinson's 'hard man' character seeks to break the vicious cycle

  • Bright Club Derry

    The 'academics versus comics' performance scenario doesn't necessarily travel that well

  • The Titanic Boys

    Martin Lynch and JJ Gilmour's musical is marked by a 'joyous disregarding of pompous memorialisation'

  • The Producers

    The Theatre at the Mill Summer Youth Group do justice to Mel Brooks' hilarious musical satire

  • DRAG

    'A notably serious examination not just of gay identity, but of identity, period' at Belfast Pride Festival

  • Molly Wobbly's Tit Factory

    Paul Boyd's musical comedy is a five-star romp 'populated with sleazy, strutting grotesques'

  • Edinburgh Fringe Preview

    Ruaidhrí Ward, Eleanor Tiernan and Michael Legge hone their skills at the Black Box

  • NEST

    'The singers and instrumentalists let out a volley of mad mutterings and animal sounds... it is impossible not to smile'

  • U.Dance 2012

    Groups from across the UK converge on London for a highlight of the Cultural Olympiad

  • OrangeFest 2012

    Surrealist whimsy, Mario, Queen of the Circus and a 'bum-off' at City Hall – that's right, it's the 12th of July

  • Still Not Out of the Woods

    Artists and climbers Dan Shipsides and Neal Beggs recall an ascent to the summit of Lagazuoi

  • Found Footage Festival

    A selection of old VHS clips proves that embarrasment is truly the international language of hilarity

  • FNT Live

    The taboo-tacking comedians keep the laughs coming in the preview of their Edinburgh Fringe show

  • Steve Backshall

    The Deadly 60 presenter engages young naturalists at the Ulster Hall with sharks and rhinos, but isn't too fond of Giant Pandas

  • Richard III

    Belfast actor Jonjo O'Neill takes Stratford-upon-Avon by storm in this Royal Shakespeare Company production

  • NI Opera Shorts

    NI Opera takes a major gamble with 5 debut works, but it – mostly – pays off at the MAC

  • Appendage

    'Self-obsessed, unsympathetic, predictable.' Playwright Derek Murphy is unforgiving in his exploration of the male psyche

  • Pick 'n' Mix Festival

    A two and a half-day showcase of new Northern Irish theatre that goes from bed to brilliant

  • The Importance of Being Earnest

    Slapstick, Stevie Wonder and men playing women. The Lyric Theatre inject new life into Oscar Wilde's comic masterpiece

  • Sweet Charity

    Bruiser's energetic, hep-tastic 'Noo Yoik' musical at the MAC is 'witty, wordy and full of heart'

  • City of Culture 2013 Preview

    Phil Coulter, Stephen Rea and The Voice's Ben Kelly get the cultural ball rolling

  • Straight to DVD

    Ponydance satirise reality television and the Olympics with this 'well performed and presented' show at the MAC

  • Horrible Histories

    Decapitation, manky medicine and Catholic versus Protestant. History has never been this much fun

  • London Gay Men's Chorus

    Ostensibly celebrating their 21st birthday, this Grand Opera House show is also a statement of intent