• Emma Blee's picture

    Emma Blee

    Emma is a freelance journalist based in Belfast.

  • Leif Bodnarchuk's picture

    Leif Bodnarchuk

    Leif is a Montreal-born guitar technician who has worked as part of the road crew for Leonard Cohen, Ash and many others, and is now based in Larne.

  • Maureen Boyle's picture

    Maureen Boyle

    Maureen is an award-winning poet and author.

  • Kelli Boyles's picture

    Kelli Boyles

    Kelli is author of the blog Kelli's Northern Ireland Garden.

  • Gerard Brennan's picture

    Gerard Brennan

    Gerard is an author of crime fiction.

  • Robert Brown's picture

    Robert Brown

    Robert is based in Belfast and is editor of the dedicated Northern Ireland music website Chordblossom.

  • Cathy Brown's picture

    Cathy Brown

    Cathy currently works as Arts Programmer at Seamus Heaney HomePlace.

  • Mark Burns's picture

    Mark Burns

    Mark Burns is a freelance arts journalist based in Derry~Londonderry.

  • Paul Caddell's picture

    Paul Caddell

    Paul is a writer and director based in Belfast.

  • Laura Caldwell's picture

    Laura Caldwell

    Laura is currently studying journalism at the University of Ulster in Belfast.

  • Ronan Carr's picture

    Ronan Carr

    Ronan is an IFTA-award winning writer and director.

  • Jan Carson's picture

    Jan Carson

    Jan is an author based in Belfast. She currently works as Education Community Heritage and Outreach Officer at the Ulster Hall.

  • Gavin Carville's picture

    Gavin Carville

    Gavin is a librarian and writer based in Belfast.

  • Philip Cassidy's picture

    Philip Cassidy

    Phil is a musician and media journalist from Fermanagh, and currently lives in Belfast.

  • Jenny Cathcart's picture

    Jenny Cathcart

    Jenny is a former BBC producer and author of two published books. She also writes for the world music publication, Songlines.

  • Mike Catto's picture

    Mike Catto

    Mike has taught in the School of Art and Design, University of Ulster in Belfast. He has been broadcasting and writing about the media since 1975.

  • Alessandra Celesia's picture

    Alessandra Celesia

    Alessandra is an Italian artist based in Belfast.

  • Reggie Chamberlain-King's picture

    Reggie Chamberl...

    Reggie is creative producer of Wireless Mystery Theatre.

  • George Clarke's picture

    George Clarke

    George is a film director and writer from Belfast.

  • Maureen Coleman's picture

    Maureen Coleman

    Maureen Coleman is a freelance journalist based in Belfast.  

  • Michael Conaghan's picture

    Michael Conaghan

    Michael Conaghan is a freelance writer and bookseller who has been published widely in Northern Ireland and in England. Photo by Ian Campbell.

  • Louise Convery's picture

    Louise Convery

    Louise is a recently-graduated freelance journalist.

  • Hilary Copeland's picture

    Hilary Copeland

    Hilary is a freelance writer, artist and arts administrator based in rural County Down.

  • Matthew Coyle's picture

    Matthew Coyle

    Matthew is a Belfast-based freelance writer, critic and commentator. Visit his blog, Abbandando's Counter.