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    Jane Coyle

    Jane Coyle is an arts journalist, performing arts critic and screenwriter.

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    Matthew Coyle

    Matthew is a Belfast-based freelance writer, critic and commentator. Visit his blog, Abbandando's Counter.

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    Rebecca Cromie

    Rebecca is a freelance journalist based in Belfast.

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    Ryan Crown

    Ryan is a freelance arts journalist based in Belfast.

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    Gayle Curtis

    Gayle a crime writer and author of the books Memory Scents and Shell House.

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    Alicia Daly

     Alicia is drama and arts facilitator for Youth Initiatives NI. Just Another Statistic is her first play.

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    Colin Dardis

    Colin is a poet, editor and founder of Poetry NI.

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    Richard Davis

    Richard is a freelance journalist based in Belfast.

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    Gerald Dawe

    Gerald is a poet and writer from Belfast.

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    Brendan Deeds

    Brendan is a freelance writer based in Belfast 

  • Jenni Doherty's picture

    Jenni Doherty

    Jenni is owner of Little Acorns Bookstore in Derry~Londonderry, and author of the poetry collection Rain Spill.

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    Caroline Dohert...

    Caroline is an author of fiction and editor of Papen Press.

  • Michelle Dorans

  • Steve Dornan's picture

    Steve Dornan

    Steve is an academic writer and contributor to the Belfast literary journal Irish Pages.

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    Garbhan Downey

    Garbhan is former editor of the Derry Journal and author of the satirical novel The American Envoy, amongst others.

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    James Doyle

    James is founder of Turnpike Books.

  • Dave Duggan's picture

    Dave Duggan

    Dave is an author, playwright and screenwriter based in Derry~Londonderry.

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    Dominic Echlin

    Dominic is a founder of the William McKeown Foundation.

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    Scott Edgar

    Scott is a freelance journalist based in Belfast.

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    Rodney Edwards

    Rodney is an award-winning journalist with The Impartial Reporter in Enniskillen who also contributes to radio, TV and various magazines.

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    Nalina Eggert

    Nalina is a freelance journalist based in Belfast.

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    Naomi Ellis

    Naomi is a student journalist from Portadown.

  • Paul Evans

    Paul is a Northern Ireland based photographer and President of the Irish Astronomical Association.

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    Simon Fallaha

    Simon is a freelance journalist and photographer. Originally from Derry-Londonderry he now lives in Belfast.