• Shane Horan's picture

    Shane Horan

    Shane is a freelance arts journalist based in Belfast.

  • Sarah Hughes's picture

    Sarah Hughes

    Sarah is marketing officer at Queen's Film Theatre.

  • James Hughes's picture

    James Hughes

    James is a photographer originally from Ballymena who now teaches in Instanbul.

  • Arlene Hughes's picture

    Arlene Hughes

    Arlene was born in Enniskillen, grew up in Belfast and now lives in Manchester. Martha's Girls is her first novel.

  • Paul Irwin's picture

    Paul Irwin

    Paul is a music promoter and co-founder of Animal Disco club night.

  • James Johnson's picture

    James Johnson

    James is a Belfast-based writer and co-founder of PUNCHEDcanvas Theatre Company.

  • Andrew Johnston's picture

    Andrew Johnston

    Andrew is a tireless feature writer and reviewer, and also a rock drummer and stand-up comedian.

  • Chris Jones's picture

    Chris Jones

    Chris is a freelance music journalist based in Belfast.

  • Dominic Kearney's picture

    Dominic Kearney

    Dominic is a freelance journalist based in Derry~Londonderry, and author of the acclaimed crime novel Cast-Iron Men.

  • Niamh Kelly's picture

    Niamh Kelly

    Niamh is a participant in Reimagine, Remake, Replay – an exciting regional project allowing young people to connect with and enhance museum collections using a mix of creative media and digital technologies.

  • Gary Kelly's picture

    Gary Kelly

    Gary is a freelance journalist and PR officer based in Belfast.

  • Teri Kelly's picture

    Teri Kelly

    Teri is a journalist and public relations consultant.

  • Jim Kennedy's picture

    Jim Kennedy

    Jim is an author and freelance writer.

  • Rachel Kennedy's picture

    Rachel Kennedy

    Rachel is an actor and freelance writer from Portadown.

  • Stephen Large's picture

    Stephen Large

    Stephen is a comedy writer and founder of the popular satirical Facebook page Dundonald Liberation Army. His work includes A Concise History of the Dundonald Liberation Army, its follow-up A Dog DLA Afternoon and the 2017 play Three's a Shroud directed by Martin Lynch.

  • Stephen Latimer's picture

    Stephen Latimer

    Stephen is a professional photographer based in Derry~Londonderry.

  • Andrew Lemon's picture

    Andrew Lemon

    Andrew is a music journalist based in Belfast and reviews editor at The Thin Air.

  • Stevie Lennox's picture

    Stevie Lennox

    Stevie plays in the bands Junk Drawer, PigsAsPeople and Sister Ghost, is a co-editor at The Thin Air and an aspiring sound designer.

  • Gary Lightbody's picture

    Gary Lightbody

    Gary is frontman of the bands Snow Patrol and Tired Pony.

  • Kevin Logue's picture

    Kevin Logue

    Kevin is managing director of derry-based Uproar Comics.

  • Jared Longlands's picture

    Jared Longlands

    Jared is a writer and artist based in Downpatrick.

  • Tony Macaulay's picture

    Tony Macaulay

    Tony is author of the memoir Paperboy. He lives and works in Belfast.

  • Declan Magee's picture

    Declan Magee

    Declan is a freelance journalist based in Derry~Londonderry. 

  • Dr Tess Maginess's picture

    Dr Tess Maginess

    Tess is Senior Teaching Fellow at Queen's University, Co-ordinator of the Open Learning programme and convenor of the Blackbird Book Club.