• Ria Maguire's picture

    Ria Maguire

    Ria is a session musician based in Belfast.

  • Connor Maguire's picture

    Connor Maguire

    Connor is an artist based in Belfast.

  • Zhenia Mahdi-Nau's picture

    Zhenia Mahdi-Nau

    Zhenia is a freelance filmmaker based in Belfast.

  • Deepa Mann-Kler's picture

    Deepa Mann-Kler

    Deepa is a visual artist who lives and work in the County Down village of Killyleagh.

  • Neil Martin's picture

    Neil Martin

    Neil is a composer, musician and producer. His West Ocean String Quartet receives considerable global acclaim.

  • Damian McAdams's picture

    Damian McAdams

    Damian works as Entertainments and Events Officer at Queen's University Belfast's Students Union as well as doing some external production and event management.

  • Michael McAlinden's picture

    Michael McAlinden

    Michael is a Film Studies graduate from Queen's University, Belfast.

  • Nuala McAllister Hart's picture

    Nuala McAlliste...

    Nuala is a musician, teacher and writer based in Derry~Londonderry.

  • Shona McCarthy's picture

    Shona McCarthy

    Shona McCarthy is Chief Executive of Culture Company 2013

  • Kathryn McCartin's picture

    Kathryn McCartin

    Kathryn is a freelance theatre critic.

  • Peter McCaughan's picture

    Peter McCaughan

    Peter is a freelance arts journalist and report for BBC Northern Ireland's The Arts Show.

  • Ciaran McCauley's picture

    Ciaran McCauley

    Ciaran is a journalist from Derry. He currently lives and works in Belfast.

  • Glenda McCauley's picture

    Glenda McCauley

    Glenda is Editorial Co-ordinator at CoverWEST Magazine.

  • William Mcclean's picture

    William Mcclean

    William is a freelancer journalist based in Belfast.

  • Will McConnell's picture

    Will McConnell

    Will is a filmmaker from Belfast, and founder of Bandwidth Sessions.

  • Grainne McCool's picture

    Grainne McCool

    Grainne is a recently-graduated mature student and freelance journalist.

  • Adam McCourt's picture

    Adam McCourt

    Adam is a student and musician from Derry, currently completing his studies at Leeds College of Music.

  • Claire McDermott's picture

    Claire McDermott

    Claire is a freelance journalist and broadcaster.

  • Paul McElwee's picture

    Paul McElwee

    Paul is a freelance journalist from Strabane.

  • Grania McFadden's picture

    Grania McFadden

    Grania is a Belfast-based journalist and theatre critic.

  • Edwin McFee's picture

    Edwin McFee

    Edwin is a freelance arts journalist based in Belfast.

  • Sarah McFeely's picture

    Sarah McFeely

    Sarah is an award-winning NWRC student journalist and law graduate from Derry.

  • Paula McFetridge's picture

    Paula McFetridge

    Paula is artistic director of Kabosh Theatre Company.

  • Heather McGarrigle's picture

    Heather McGarrigle

    Heather is a freelance journalist based in Lisburn.